The Ghost of Thomas Jefferson

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of U.S. (1743-1826), Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1802)

Within the context of the current global financial meltdown, this quote of Thomas Jefferson is gettng a lot of "air time" in the blogosphere. To include it in this blog does no harm.

For those whose curiosity goes beyond the front-page prattle of the corporate media, the following two articles on the financial malaise may prove worthwhile. Behind the Panic: Financial Warfare and the Future of Global Bank Power, by F. William Engdahl; Down the Rabbit Hole Towards a New Economic World Order, by Simon Davies and Donald Hunt.

The Internet offers numerous alternative red pills, i.e. news sources. To quote from the same literary source that gave us the "rabbit hole": "Feed your head."


Mind Artillery VI, EU Calls for New World Governance

Prior to flying off to Washington to meet with President Bush last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy hob-knobbed with Prime Minister Harper at the Francophonie Summit in Quebec City. One has to wonder what was whispered as opposed to what was reported in the press. The following video clip may offer some clues.

Sarkozy and José Barroso, President of the European Commission, have placed themselves firmly at the forefront of the NWO. To say that they are "walking the point" is an understatement. The language delivered in the accompanying video bypasses all diplomatic nuance and niceties. The global financial crisis has placed everyone under the gun: you, me and the bosses. Things have gotten fast-tracked to a degree that would have been unthinkable as recently as several months ago.

These are fascinating times in which we live. The condition, i.e. the financial crisis and related pending economic meltdown, clearly draws a line in the sand for all to see, if not necessarily to understand. Once you step over the line, there is no turning back. This is the turning point. The Rubicon swells with anticipation.

For good measure, here's a clip of Sarkozy being met by Bush and his speech on the tarmac. Barasso lurks to the left. One can imagine him snarling, "Swim with the fishes." George W. looks somewhat stunned. At least he's not holding a child's storybook upside down.


Mind Artillery V, Michael Chertoff, Warnings of Terror Plot

Michael Chertoff, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary, is the most recent to warn of a likely crisis. Unlike other high profile politicos who have pointed towards the time period after the American elections, Mr. Chertoff also tosses in the time period leading up to the election.

"There's a general level of intemperateness in the discussion as we approach the election,'' he (Chertoff) said. "Do I worry that it could trigger in a disturbed individual a desire to do something? Absolutely, I worry about it."

Of course, the authorities must be on guard against "disturbed individuals" just as the Nazis were on guard for the "disturbed" Communist individual who torched the Reichstag. The irony of the comment made on behalf of the Bush administration would seem to have escaped Mr. Chertoff.

Full Bloomberg story here.


David Suzuki: "There shouldn't be a Green Party."

David Suzuki is now officially on record with the statement, "There shouldn't be a Green Party."

Mr. Suzuki's stance is not exactly earth-shattering, but that it is finally out in the open is. His motives for stating such are fairly straight forward and practical, as he sees things. Then again, possibly he is just paving the way (or contributing to the paving of the way) for Liz May to bolt over to the Libs. After all, one of the sponsors of the lecture at which he made the statement was the Sierra Youth Foundation. Few things are as they seem.

As was pointed out in a previous post, the sunflower's post-election petals seem to be shrivelling and falling off.

...and then we have the GPC's response here.

Mind Artillery IV, Globe and Mail Article, Opening Shot for SPP and NAU

Canada's "national newspaper" The Globe and Mail, has published an article under the byline, "A new U.S. chief, a new Harper mandate – and a new big idea." Nice touch that, sneaking in "new big idea" without once mentioning the words Security & Prosperity Partnership or North American Union in the entire article.

Mind Artillery III, Britain's Prime Minister Argues for Global Governance

Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown tried to make the case that "The Financial Crisis Is Also an Opportunity To Create New Rules for Our Global Economy," as the subtitle put it. Very smooth, not quite as crass as "New World Order." Possibly watch for a shift in the global world-speak away from the latter.

Mind Artillery II, Colin Powel Warns of Coming Crisis

Colin Powell has made bizarre comments that echo the recent declaration by Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden that there will be an "international crisis" early into Barack Obama’s presidency that will test the new president by forcing him to make unpopular decisions.

Mind Artillery I, Joe Biden Speech

Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., on October 19, 2008 guaranteed that if elected, Sen. Barack Obama., D-Ill., will be tested by an international crisis within his first six months in power and he will need supporters to stand by him as he makes tough, and possibly unpopular, decisions.

Mind Artillery Series

It should come as no great surprise that within the context of the current global financial crisis Western governments and their obedient handmaidens, the corporate media, are taking their relative steps on cue.

In standard 19th century, set-piece military strategy the opening move of one of two adversaries is always the artillery onslaught. The purpose of inflicting casualties is equal to, and sometimes secondary to, the psychological impact on the opposing adversary. The artillery onslaught is followed by ground troops, which in turn are followed up on by cavalry to mop up.

The three military metaphors of artillery, ground forces and cavalry are simple to understand in order to clarify the evolving situation of the “information war” that is in full swing for the public’s mind. By stringing together corporate media stories, alternative media stories and commentary, and blogger commentary in a series called “Mind Artillery Series” the purpose of the series will hopefully become self evident.

For those who are already “in the loop” the information presented in this series will not come as a great surprise. Keep up the good work! You already know where to go for your information. The primary purpose of the series is to nudge those visitors to this blog who are not yet in the loop towards taking that first, frightening step across their own individual Rubicons.


Green Party of Canada R.I.P.

The Green Party of Canada is bleeding like a stuck pig. Since the results of the party’s disastrously lead federal election campaign, signs of internal strife are overwhelming: disgruntled candidates voicing betrayal by Elizabeth May, the GPC leader; blogs popping up on the internet calling for Ms. May’s resignation; an insurmountable debt load due to political mismanagement; one of two GPC Deputy Leader’s, Claude Genest, openly admitting that the GPC was had by the Liberals with the Dion-May political flirtation and, most recently; over the week-end a past GPC leadership candidate and deputy leader, David Chernushenko, resigning from the party due to Ms. May’s “autocratic approach.”

If Ms. May’s leadership has finally brought to public visibility an internal strife and programmed internal inequalities via the pursuit of a questionable and dated feminist philosophy, remains to be seen. If so, then the evolution of the crisis may be linked back to the ludicrous 1988 proposal by the British Columbia Greens to field only female candidates. To this day, all Green parties endorse an internal authoritarian and condescending affirmative action which, to the naïve addresses gender inequalities, while to the mature smacks of non-democratic inefficiency by thwarting the best talent (be that talent female or male), for the sake of protecting the baggage of a tired and spent ideology. A mommy-dearest matriarchate is not exactly the pinnacle of gender equality. The useless bleating of politically correct victims is a far cry from assuming amazon integrity and self accountability. It is not the responsibility of a political party to succor needy waifs of either gender.

The electoral catastrophe may introduce the necessary purge to finally put the GPC, as an eco-political Frankenstein, out of its misery. The party’s misguided philosophical ownership of leviathan bigness by virtue of endorsing the Liberal’s national Green Shift and the party’s false promises to the public to avert the social hurt of a spiraling ecological meltdown are exposed for all to see. What becomes evident is that the GPC lie to the public is the most hypocritical, the most opportunistic and the most sinister of all political lies.

By the mere virtue of its federalist, centralist, myopic and nanny-state policies, the GPC has set eco-politics back 20 years. In conjunction with the damage done by Ms. May and her Griberal opportunism, at the very least the setback is now 30 years; at the very worst the GPC, in concert with the World Greens, has been primed to possibly become a Bilderberg patsy.

Eco-politics in Canada, and more importantly in its respective bioregions, have now come full circle. Philosophically we are at a place just prior to the introduction of eco-politics 30 years ago, yet just in advance of a very silent and deadly spring. Rather than pursue the juvenile notion of “saving the world” Greens may finally be ready to mature towards the notion of “safeguarding one’s immediate region.” Between these two political notions there are light years of difference in political perspectives, assumptions, visions, motives and, eventually, actions.

As for Ms. May, she will hopefully be offered a rickety ministry by some outback Anglican parish to provide for her family. That her political career is likely at an end, would seem to be a given. There is not a political party in the country that has a welcome sign hung out for her expertise. The degree of hatred she has publicly shown towards Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a human being, irrespective of the man’s political stance, and done so as a purported Christian has a tendency to deliver its own just karma. Contained in the one are the many. In the end, what is sacred will be revealed as surely as what is profane. That her legacy will be to have sparked the demise through her own “autocratic” vanity of an eco-political pretender and dinosaur seems a just payback. By ultimately freeing up the best and bravest Green minds, the North American secessionist movement owes Ms. May due gratitude.


Rural Nova Scotia: A Parochial Heaven

Yesterday the New Glasgow News (home of Elizabeth May's Central Nova rout) ran a short, front-page story on an exercise carried out by the local police SWAT Team. It was a harmless article in itself, but what struck me was the image presented to the public, especially taking into consideration the context. The context is a pending economic collapse and rural Nova Scotia. I commented in the article's public forum accordingly. Well, didn't that release a mini shit storm! The full exchange of "opinions" is laid out below. Anyone wanting to go to original story, it is here.

Sebastian Ronin from Nova Scotia writes: Even in the boonies of Nova Scotia are the black-suited Praetorians now given media exposure. Prepare the public mind and its will follows accordingly. Maybe someone can ask Pete MacKay, should he hold as Minister of Defence in the new cabinet, when we can expect the first exchange of Canadian and American ground troops on each other's national soil, as is now entrenched in the military mandate of US NorthCom. Local military families can look forward to their loved ones patrolling the streets in Ohio. Is someone expecting a severe economic depression? A bit of turmoil in the streets perhaps?
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Steve from Pictou County, Nova Scotia writes: Mr. Ronin, are you for real? How about talking in lay terms instead of writing some piece of literature intended for PH.Ds. If you are attempting to appeal to the masses, as I assume you are on here, I suggest you take it down a notch. Are you trying to reach the general reader of the News or writing a dissertation? I have a university degree and I find it a stretch to follow your arguments at times. We should not need Coles notes to attempt to explanation what it is you are trying to communicate. I never did care for Shakespeare. I suggest you stop the fear mongering. The idea of having Canadian military troops on U.S. soil is ludicrous, even in desperate economic times should they even materialize. Are you trying to predict the U.S. will be under martial law? Even so, the U.S. is quite capable of policing itself, why would Canadian troops be patrolling the streets of the U.S? I am sure they would not be well received. Was Ohio picked at random? I am not quite ready to accept your argument for the fail of the US Empire, especially when there is no apparent super power to take its place. China? Well, I need not go further than that.
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Sebastian Ronin from Nova Scotia writes: Steve, you obviously have a keyboard and monitor in front of you. The Internet and Google search are wonderful tools. You may wish to use them while we, i.e. the public, still can. I treat adults as adults. Out of respect for the Other's integrity, I am loathe to hand holding. You make your bed, I make mine. However, just to point you in a direction (be it right or not is up to you), optional troop exchange by Canadian and American troops on each other's soil is on the books. If you care to, Google US NorthCom. Yes, Ohio was a random selection.
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Sebastian Ronin from Nova Scotia writes: Steve re 'Even so, the U.S. is quite capable of policing itself, why would Canadian troops be patrolling the streets of the U.S?' br br At first it was thought that the option for troop exchange was to get around the legalities of posse comitatus, i.e. American troops cannot be used against American citizens. That has since been gutted. As such, and again under the command of US NorthCom, the Iraq-seasoned 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team, has been redeployed to secure 'the homeland' in case of 'terrorist' threats. br br I am not fear mongering, merely offering an alternative picture of the world, one that rarely if ever makes the pages of the corporate media, The News inclusive. There are many alternative news sites. I strongly suggest: www.globalresearch.ca
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Lee from NS writes: Gee, I thought this was just about a drill and here the world is ending and our police force is practicing on old folks? Wow, what a stretch.
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Sebastian Ronin from Nova Scotia writes: Lee: What matters is the image, not the exercise they were doing. Would you want one of these thugs knocking on your door? Or are you, as most people, one of the 'good Germans?'
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Jack from NG, NS writes: THUGS? SR you have got to be kidding. They are trained to save lives. They are dressed like that for their and your protection. They have no idea how the offender is positioned upstairs (or armed) and are adopting a safe approach. It's obvious from your last comment that if you were the victim you would rather they not show up to save your life or they would be dressed in pink outfits and be holding flowers.
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Tim from PC writes: Sebastian, give your head a shake man. All you are doing is overreacting and spewing off at the gums. You cannot be serious. Thugs?? come on, these are the guys training to stop the thugs. You need to get out more instead of sitting in your house on your computer spewing off crazy conspiracy theroies.
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Tim from PC writes: Also SR, this is standard gear for swat teams. If they were to come to your house they wouldnt be knocking on the door gimme a break. They are training for situations such as hostages or an armed person in the house. What they have on is called protection. Would rather these guys show up in plain clothes and get blown away. Man on Man.
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Just me from NS writes: I want what he had for breakfast today, not one of his posts on any story today makes any sense. This should be a reminder to everyone...Read the labels on all mediaication before taking it.
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Sebastian Ronin from Nova Scotia writes: Jack and Tim: No doubt the men behind the uniforms are good guys. You may know them, they are respected in their communities, you may play a game of pick-up hockey with them every now and then. But always remember this: the state retains the right of force and violence, things that are 'against the law' for you and me. When those uniforms are put on the INDIVIDUAL with whom you may play hockey is out the window. Again, I suggest look at the image. Do you really think that much robocop gear is necessary to take down some grinning wimp who happens to have a grow-op going on in the basement? BTW, I'm out quite a bit. Nice advantage of having a home-based business is that I can jump back and forth from my shop or the wood pile to here.
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Steve from Pictou County, Nova Scotia writes: The last few comments prove my first post - Mr. Ronin is speaking over most people's heads. From what I gathered he viewed the picture featured in this news article and made comments that we better get used to seeing the mean in black/blue uniforms, not in a protective role but in a suppressive role. I believe he is eluding to the world slipping into a severe global depression and Canada and the U.S. being under a police state and martial law. Far fetched I know. He also alluded to 'The good Germans'. I am assuming he is drawing a parallel to the visions of Nazi Germany for the master race to the accumulation of wealth of a few 'The modern day Nazi German' to suppressive the lower classes. In lay terms, I think Mr. Ronin is predicting the fall of the U.S. States Empire. When this happens the low to middle class will attempt a revolution to 'take back the wealth'. A police state/martial law will be enacted to protect those wealthy few 'the good Germans' with military suppressing those of the low to middle class, a Civil War prehaps. He is predicting to get use to seeing men like above in a suppression role, not protecting. Is my interpretation correct Mr. Ronin? These are not my views, just an interpretation of Mr. Ronin's arguments. They are a little far fetched for me to accept and way off topic of this article.
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Jack from NG, NS writes: SR I take it you have the magical formula for how much gear is needed per hostage event. I would rather they show up fully prepared and be able to do the job they are trained to do. The reason for the amount of gear is simple. At no time will they know when the threat will escalate or decrease. Also by now you would have figured out that the first officer on scene would have called for this backup as that's what they are trained to do, and yes the gear is what comes with them. Remember if they get hurt, they are of no use to no one including the victim. Safety first!
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My Opinion from stupidville, Nova Scotia writes: Mr. Ronin, if the swat team were pictured without appropriate attire wouldn't you be one of the first to comment? They are creating a life like situation, that is the protection they must wear. Would you bust into a house where someone had a little grow op in a tu tu? That person who has the grow op could be protecting themselves/their crops. People who harvest drugs can also have firearms. For that matter anyone can have firearms!
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dan from ns writes: ok, ok lets all settle down here and loosen our tin-foil helmets a little.
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Wife Rutledge from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia writes: To S Ronin's comments regarding the thugs knocking on your door...my husband is a Police Office and as his wife and the father of my children I take great offense that you would label officers of the law as thugs.
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Tim from PC writes: Don't worry Mrs. Rutledge, Mr. Ronin is just a serial ranter. he just types these posts to read his own obscure thoughts. He somehow turned this picture into all of america breaking down and all h ell breaking loose. Don't put much stock into anything this mn has to say.
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Jimmie from N.S. writes: S.R., I have seen these guys in action on a tiny little street where there was an attempted murder and I thank God they were there because no one knew where the shooters were. Our street was alot safer when they did arrive!!! I take offense to your comment too! You might need these guys in your neighborhood someday....
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Sebastian Ronin from Nova Scotia writes: Okay, everyone, let's chill. Firstly, Steve, you are pretty close. The one thing were you are a tad off is in the understanding of 'good Germans.' It is a term commonly shared amongst historians. It refers to the millions of silent Germans who naively stood by and allowed the rise of Naziism with the common belief of, 'I'm a good German. Why would they harm me?' Wife Rutledge, if you read all of my posts you will have noticed that as individuals the human beings beneath those robocop suits are good guys. I could probably enjoy a cup of coffee with them. But if push comes to shove, they serve the state. As a hypothetical example, if you happened to be a war protester expressing your beliefs at a rally that got out of hand and, if your husband happened to be on duty that day and was called to suppress the protest, you would find yourself on the receiving end of your husband's shield. When wearing that uniform he serves the state, not you, and not your family. Jimmie, no doubt they will be needed in the community some day to restore order. Personally, I foresee some type of militia. The question is: on whose side will they serve and on whose behalf will they restore order. =;-D
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Tim from PC writes: My lord Sebastian, give it a rest, what are you going to predict next? Armageddon? Geez man society is not going to crumble like you seem to think it is.
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Leigh from Pictou County, Nova Scotia writes: One should send Mr. Ronin on a ride-along with these thugs without gear and then with gear, and see which he prefers. My guess after the first ride-along he would be so quick to call these officers thugs. Thugs usually don't have batons and shields. lol
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Leigh from Pictou County, Nova Scotia writes: Sorry, should have read ... would'nt be so quick to...
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eb from pei writes: I am totally disgusted by ronins total disrespect of swat officers JR, they risk their lives to save your sorry butt my boyfriend is a swat cop and he thinks you are a MORON!! get a life!! try their shoes on for size you will definetely get a dose of reality biting you in the rear!!!!!
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eb from pei writes: I agree with wife rutledge ronin is a vulgur little man and has nothing better to do do than bash our husbands and boyfriends on the force.he doesn/'t know anything about them we do. i hope othe officers families see his nasty bashing so they can go after ronin too .
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The Griberal Party of Canada, Pending

I cannot say more about the pending Liberal-Green merger (takeover?) than I have already said in the past. On the eve of the federal election, Elizabeth May comes out and endorses this merger in no uncertain terms. This Canadian Press article published in The Chronicle Herald pretty well sums it up. As usual, it is always important to read between the lines. The accompanying picture of the May-Dion hug after the leadership debate is priceless.

For those not up to deciphering the written word, you can listen to and watch the eco-warriors in political action.

Here we have Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader, actually stating, "We are Liberals running against Greens."

Here we have a Liberal "bimbette" candidate putting out feelers for a Lib-Green-NDP coalition. What is most interesting in this clip is the slip by Jim MacDonald, Exectuive Director of the GP, who states, "I hate to say it, but it's just too dangerous for us, we don't want Elizabeth to be caught out on this."


Green Caveat Emptor

That an informed electorate is the root of democracy has likely not been worded more succinctly than by Thomas Jefferson: “"Though the people may acquiesce, they cannot approve what they do not understand." In this day and age, these words are critical for Canadians when contemplating a vote for Green Party candidates in their respective ridings.

The first Green Party was founded in West Germany in 1980. As such, every country that has adopted a Green Party since has basically imported a foreign political philosophy, up to and including the Green identity. No other political party in the Western world, irrespective of its philosophy, exceeds the boundaries of its national jurisdiction. Not since the demise of international communism with the fall of the Soviet Union has the world been presented with a political philosophy that is so all-consuming in thought and so global in scope.

From its outset in 1980, Green philosophy has embraced a global perspective and mandate. These global Green principles were enshrined in the 2001 Charter of The Global Greens. All Green parties base their party constitutions on a duplication of these principles. In effect, all Green party constitutions are cookie-cutter offshoots of the global mandate decreed by The Global Greens in 2001.

The Green principle of recognizing human diversity, to cite just one example, becomes a sorry joke when autonomous communities and jurisdictions cannot determine an eco-political constitution to reflect their unique socio-political concerns. Founding members of Green parties are saved the burden of having to think; that responsibility has been looked after by The Global Greens. Merely add some flatulent hugs, some myopic hand-wringing and, presto, a new Green party is born!

The subtitle of the Green Global Charter is: Defining What It Means to be Green in The New Millennium. Not since the end of the Second World War has a political movement dared to think in terms of 1,000 years, let alone commit it to paper.

Due to the Green global political agenda, what is most disturbing is the likelihood of the movement being a patsy for the Bilderberg Group (BG). The BG was founded in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands, an ex-Nazi. It meets in secret on an annual basis, hosting the world’s leading industrialists and financiers. It is largely held that the BG is the front organization to bring about a corporate New World Order. It is commonly known that the BG rubber stamps the careers of Western politicians to uphold this agenda. Both Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion are Bilderbergers.

The BG was among the first to discover the environment as an issue years ago and is rumored to be the impetus behind the Kyoto Protocol. The motive for these sons of smokestack millionaires is not to clean up the environment, but by the potential for immense profits. The green economy is poised to become the next, and possibly last, major bubble economy, accomplishing little more than the housing bubble and dot.com bubble that preceded it.

The Bilderberg vehicle for world government is the United Nations. Aside from gutting nation states and having a standing UN army, the Bilderbergers have in mind the placing of unelected environmental activists to positions of governmental authority to oversee the use of atmosphere, outer space, the oceans and, in general, biodiversity. This invitation for civil society to participate in global governance is described as expanding democracy.

According to sources within the BG, the status of NGOs would be elevated, up to and including producing studies to justify global taxation through UN organizations such as Global Plan. The Liberals’ Green Shift may be seen to be a precursor. The strategy to advance the global governance agenda specifically includes programs to discredit individuals and organizations that generate populist concerns that fail to support the new global ethic.

The United Nations Environment Programme, along with all the environmental treaties under its jurisdiction, would ultimately be governed by a special body of environmental activists, chosen only from accredited NGOs appointed by delegates to the General Assembly who are themselves appointed by the President of the United States, who is controlled by the Rockefeller-Council on Foreign Relations-Bilderberg triumvirate. Elizabeth May, leader of the GPC, has been a recipient of the Global 500 Award issued by the United Nations Environment Programme.

If implemented, these ideas would bring the world’s citizens into a global community managed by a world-wide bureaucracy under the direct authority of a small handful of appointed individuals, and policed by thousands of individuals, paid by accredited NGOs, certified to support a belief system which for many people is unbelievable and unacceptable.

A warm and fuzzy political voice with a global mandate and organization would suit the BG agenda perfectly. In an age when Lee Harvey Oswald has been displaced by Osama bin Laden as the patsy of all time, one may wish to contemplate who or what will eventually displace bin Laden as king dupe for ulterior and sinister political motives. Caveat emptor.