The Secessionist Mycelium: Introduction

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Having attended the Third North American Secessionist Convention in Manchester, NH this past November, three things became very clear:
  1. Delegate coordination and support, and media coverage of the secessionist movement were drastically weak and counter-productive relative to the pending conditions of empire collapse;
  2. Events were quickly far out-stripping and out-distancing the philosophical positioning of the movement and its ability to be representative of those events;
  3. The existing organizational structure to effectively coordinate the NAmerican secessionist movement was terribly lacking and, by virtue of a haphazard organizational initiative, was sadly undemocratic.

None of these observations is meant in any way to denigrate from the work invested by individuals and secessionist organizations over the past three years to kick-start the NAmerican secessionist dialogue. At any given time, we do what we can with the resources at-hand. However, there comes a time at the early stages of the life-cycle of any organization and/or movement when it is necessary to claw one's way up to the next level. That time has arrived.

As a sub-item of the first point above, i.e. lack of delegate coordination and support, it was also apparent that the secessionist movement was not well-represented by two major demographics: Peak Oilers and disillusioned, bioregional Greens, to both of which secession is practically an automatic fit.

Two other events have come into play since the Third North American Secessionist Convention. The first is, of course, the wild-fire flourishing of the States' Rights movement in the United States. The second event is the assertive, secessionist re-positioning of both the federal Bloc Quebecois and the provincial Parti Quebecois in Canada.

Taking the above conditions into consideration and after initial dialogue with other secessionists, it has been decided to bring into play a Steering Committee to pull together the inaugural meeting of the North American Secessionist Congress in Columbus, OH on October 16-18, 2009. The status of this proposed historic event is still "tentative." However, work is underway by the Steering Committee to firstly solidify its own legitimacy and then to probe for and determine support for holding the Columbus meeting.

Please check in every now and then to see how things are going as we prepare to trudge towards Columbus.

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  1. Greetings,

    I am very excited about the possibility of this North American Secessionist Congress to be a viable, well-organized and coordinated effort in 2009 and beyond. I hope that the event scheduled for October 16 - 18, 2009 actually materializes.

  2. William:

    The proposed actions of the NASC would be undertaken as a representative body only of the North American secessionist movement, i.e. the proposed NASC is not to undertake or perform any political function whatsoever, that being the sole responsibility of the various autonomous secessionist organizations.

    Tentatively and conditionally, until such time as ratified by the membership, the Steering Committee has identified the following guidelines for Congress responsibilities:

    -Mapping/identifying, in partnership with autonomous, member secessionist organizations, the likely, latent, possible, conditional secessionist regional designations upon the continent of North America;
    -Promoting the notion and political synergies of North American regional secession;
    -Coordinating public sentiment/support and the autonomous initiatives of North American secessionist organizations;
    -Providing a clear review and explanation of the legal and constitutional issues surrounding secession;
    -Formulating methods and approaches to the study of certain problems related to secession and encouraging related solutions;
    -Offering techniques and organizational support, if and when requested, to aid new secessionist organizations to be launched in their respective regions.